Since graduating in 2016, Frazer has worked around the world teaching forensics and facilitating the launch of technology start-ups. 

Whilst his degree equipped him with the technical skills required to become a forensics instructor, he has drawn on the soft skills he developed to diversify his career. This has included founding a 3D printing firm, Exclusiv3D Ltd, which researches new technologies and also supports additive manufacturing (3D printing) within companies and schools.

Through this company, Frazer and his team supported the national effort to supply the NHS and private medical facilities with equipment required during the Covid-19 pandemic, including producing nearly 30,000 face shields. Alongside running his own business, Frazer supports motorcycle clothing business BKS Made to Measure with technology services and social media partnerships.

Frazer says: “Without the technical and social skills that Bournemouth University and my lecturers taught me, I would not have the confidence and ability to do all this.


Name: Frazer Anderson
Age: 28
Job role: Founder
Organisation: Exclusiv3D Ltd
Course studied: BSc (Hons) Forensic Investigation
Graduated: 2016

What their colleagues say

Frazer has been instrumental in bringing BKS ino the 21st Century. He has supported me by experimenting with new technologies, such as 3D printing, and integrating uses of social media. This has driven our sales up with very little expenditure on our end. His commitment to maintain our level of service, whilst running his own business, is something I am extremely grateful for and he is a valued member of my team."

- Brian Sansom, Managing Director, BKS