Having completed his degree last year, Zach has become the Project Manager and Research Co-ordinator of an Indonesian NGO which he co-founded in 2017.

The volunteering, non-profit organisation aims to conserve coral reef ecosystems, whilst providing local people with sustainable livelihoods. As Project Manager, Zach is responsible for overseeing a team of fishermen and international volunteers to run projects including building Indonesia’s largest artificial reef, establishing a plastic recycling centre and creating a conservation and sustainable living educational programme, taught to over 500 children.

In addition, Zach oversees an internationally funded artificial reef research programme and a turtle conservation area which is supported by the Indonesian Government.

Zach says: “One of my proudest achievements is the start-up of a long-term research programme here, as part of my PhD with BU. This research collaboration brings together Indonesian scientists from universities and government institutions with those based in the UK. Previous units from my undergraduate degree have given me a broad skillset and new knowledge which really helped with getting this underway.”


Name: Zach Boakes
Age: 24
Job role: Project Manager/Research Co-ordinator
Organisation: North Bali Reef Conservation
Course studied: BSc (Hons) Environmental Science
Graduated: 2020

What their colleagues say

Zach’s work has left a long-lasting impact on our organisation, especially in terms of research. Zach is currently undertaking a PhD, and is running a long-term artificial reef research programme. He works closely with academics from BU, as well as local researchers to publish this research, which has since informed Indonesian policy makers."

Ketut De Sujana Mahartana, Co-Founder, North Bali Reef Conservation