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Coronavirus: frequently asked questions

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This page outlines the latest information from Bournemouth University and was last updated at 9.58am on 23 July.

Our primary objective is to support the wellbeing of our students and staff and all decisions will be made subject to national guidance to ensure the health & safety of our community. There are a range of wellbeing services available for staff and students, and can be used if you feel worried. If you are unwell, see information on the NHS website. NHS treatment for Covid-19 is free of charge for everyone, including international students.

Current situation:

  • All teaching and many university services continue to operate online, but all our campuses are closed in line with Government advice. Please do not come to campus for work or study purposes.
  • We are committed to a safe on-campus experience for the autumn term with as much on-campus activity as we are able to provide from 21 September.
  • The majority of education activities this autumn will take place online with some on-campus elements, especially for those courses that require specialist equipment or spaces. See our course pages for specific information about semester one.
  • Our SportBU, ResLifeBU and Student Support teams are working hard alongside our Students' Union (SUBU) to ensure your university experience is still full of opportunities.
  • We expect student accommodation to be open from September for students as normal, with our ResLifeBU welcome programme too. Our student accommodation partners are working carefully to ensure every building is safe whilst still feeling like your home from home.
  • Subject to national guidance, we’re currently planning to offer a full range of on-campus activities from semester two.
  • We have moved our Graduation ceremonies from November to Monday 1 - Friday 5 March 2021 to give you the opportunity to celebrate this event together.


Current students


Applicants & Future Students (September 2020 entry)

Applications process

Additional applications questions for International students

Fees and funding

Should I apply for student finance?

There is still time to apply for student finance for autumn 2020. is home for all undergraduate and postgraduate loan information.

Is there any change to fees & funding arrangements?

Our tuition fees remain as advertised for this academic year. We’re committed to ensuring you can reach your full potential through a combination of online learning, online and physical resources (such as e-books and library access) and our support services.  We’re also busy planning your Arrivals programme for Autumn 2020 working with our Students’ Union (SUBU), ResLifeBU, SportBU and teams across the university. We want to ensure your BU experience offers the widest variety of opportunities and experiences, as it would any other year, albeit in different ways. 

Do I still need to pay a deposit?

You will be eligible for a deposit refund if you are, or reasonably anticipate you will be, unable to physically arrive at BU for the start of your course, due to travel restrictions imposed by either: i) the government of the UK; or ii) that of the country from which you travel to BU. You may need to study physically at BU because this is either a requirement of your course or because you don’t have the necessary infrastructure, such as sufficient internet connection or quiet study space, at your home.

If we ask, please promptly provide us with evidence of the relevant government’s travel restrictions to show you were, or reasonably anticipated you would be, unable to travel to BU for the start of your studies. We recommend you keep copies of relevant travel restriction information.

Teaching and learning

Student life and student experience

What services and activities will be available on-campus?

However your timetabled activity is delivered, we will do all we can to make sure you have the support and facilities to succeed whilst ensuring the safety of the whole BU community. 

We are planning to deliver as much activity on campus as we are able to, as well as providing on-campus access to our libraries, open access centres, student support services, and some SportBU facilities. Some practical academic sessions will also be delivered on campus and our ResLifeBU programme will be delivering a suite of activities and wellbeing support for students living in BU student accommodation. 

Until then, our support services remain available online and virtually at this time, including Additional Learning Support, AskBU, Careers & Employability, Financial Support, Faith & Reflection, Immigration Support, Residential Services and Student Wellbeing. You can find all of the contact details under the 'Current students' section of our How to contact us page. 

How will the Students’ Union (SUBU) be operating in the autumn term?

We’re working closely with the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU), as one community, to ensure the whole campus and all our facilities are safe for everybody. SUBU is also busy working on the Arrivals programme of activities for new and returning students.

Will I be safe at BU?

We all have a role to play as one community to promote and protect the health, safety and wellbeing of one another and will ensure the campus and any facilities are ‘Covid-safe’ before opening.

Our primary objective is to support the wellbeing of our students and staff and all decisions will be made subject to national guidance to ensure the health and safety of our community.

There are a range of wellbeing services available for staff and students, and can be used if you feel worried. If you are unwell, please see the information on the NHS website. NHS treatment for Covid-19 (coronavirus) is free of charge for everyone, including international students.

Do I need to wear a face covering when on campus?

We expect staff, students and visitors to comply with the Government guidance around face coverings and wear one where legally required or strongly recommended. On our campuses, we are asking everyone to wear a face covering in all indoor communal areas, such as corridors, stairs and lifts, BU’s shops and on the buses, in order to help keep the BU community safe. Please wear a face covering in these spaces if you are able to do so. This is part of our responsibility towards ourselves and each other.

If you are studying or working at a desk or other work station two metres or more away from someone else, you do not need to wear a face covering, although you can of course choose to do so. In any situation where you are closer than two metres to another person or in an enclosed indoor space, for example walking along a corridor, in a seminar room or going up the stairs, then you will need to wear a suitable face covering.

This applies to all people on our campuses, except those legally exempt - young children, people with breathing difficulties and people living with a disability. Please treat those in this situation with consideration and follow other physical distancing measures as much as possible.

Student accommodation


Specific FAQs for staff

Following Government advice to stay at home, both of our campuses are fully closed, including all staff buildings. Staff should not come to campus for work purposes and should work from home.

A series of Staff FAQs have been created in support of questions associated with working in this situation. 


Specific FAQs for postgraduate researchers

dedicated FAQs page has been set up for current postgraduate researchers at Bournemouth University.