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Positive changes you made during lockdown

While lockdown is an unusual and challenging period, it can also be an opportunity to reset and make positive changes – whether a renewed focus on health and wellbeing, the time and space to plan for the future, or an opportunity to support those around them.

We asked the BU community to tell us the positive changes they made and lessons they learnt during the first lockdown…

New skills and hobbies

From mastering musical instruments to a renewed love of reading, creating a blog and learning languages, many used the time to acquire new skills or pursue existing hobbies they had previously been too busy to enjoy.


Whether it was running, paddleboarding, practicing sporting skills, or working out – many took the opportunity to exercise more regularly, get fit and lose weight.

Planning ahead

Lockdown gave people the time and space to plan for the future. Many told us of changing their career path and pursuing their passions, with lots of people choosing to join BU or return for further study.

Focus on wellbeing

Many told us it gave them the opportunity to focus on their mental health and wellbeing, with an increased sense of self-worth and self-belief. People discovered how strong they were, experienced spiritual growth, or undertook self-improvement activities.

Time with loved ones

For those in lockdown with friends or family, the time offered an opportunity to connect, bond, and spend more time together.

Helping others

Many used the time to support others, whether delivering supplies to a vulnerable neighbour or family member, volunteering, or being part of community initiatives. Read stories from our staff who used lockdown to make a positive difference.

Appreciation of the little things

Not being able to enjoy many of the things that we might normally have taken for granted gave people a new appreciation for the things and people they love.