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Keeping the community safe

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been reminding Bournemouth University staff and existing students of their personal responsibility to adhere to national Government guidelines, and the university safety measures in place, to keep ourselves and the wider community safe.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have been in constant communication with our students, as well as our future students, to share latest information with them, and the safety measures in place. We have underlined the personal responsibility each member of our community has to adhere to government guidelines and university and accommodation policies, and this message will continue to be shared. A list of communications to students can be found on the Bournemouth University website. We are also actively promoting the government’s law change around the ‘rule of six’ and how students should socialise with this rule in mind as they return to university.

With the commencement of the new academic year we will be joined by returning students and welcoming new students to Bournemouth University. We have made every effort to ensure that all students are aware of Government guidelines, the need to protect themselves, their fellow students and the community in which they will be living. Bournemouth University’s  ‘In this Together’ campaign has recently been launched to further reinforce these messages to our students.

In addition, a page has been created to remind students of what they need to do to keep the Bournemouth University community safe.  This includes information about personal responsibility for anyone who has symptoms of Covid-19. We are publishing the number of Covid-19 cases at BU each week on our website

To see more about the safety measures in place at Bournemouth University, and on our campuses, watch our safety video. There is also information about what campus will look like in September on the BU website.

A thorough Covid-19 Risk assessment has been completed to highlight the risks and mitigations put in place as staff and students begin to return to campus. In addition, we have been working with local councils and health agencies, as well as Public Health England, in the creation of a Local Outbreak Management Plan. This plan will be enacted in any instance of Covid-19 outbreak to reduce the risk of spread and ensure we are doing all we can to keep the community safe. We continue to have weekly calls with Public Health England, as well as regular contact with BCP Council, Public Health Dorset and other local education providers (including Arts University Bournemouth) to make sure every effort is made to keep people safe.

The UK Government has confirmed businesses and venues following Covid-secure guidelines can host larger groups, provided they comply with the law. This is also the case for events in public outdoor spaces that are organised by businesses, charitable or political organisations, and public bodies, provided they take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of transmission, in line with Covid-secure guidance and including completion of a risk assessment. We can confirm that this action has been taken for any events running at BU, and will continue to be thoroughly risk assessed for any future events.

We will take action against any student who is found to be in breach of university regulations, and will continue to actively work with the Environmental Health service, BCP Council and the police as necessary. Environmental Health Patrols, which are part-funded by BU, will continue to operate through BCP Council, and SUBU’s Community Wardens continue to actively work in the community. Any noise issues should be reported directly to BCP Council, who we will then work with. The Universities Neighbourhood Policing Team are also actively working in the area.