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Centre for Qualitative Research

Centre for Qualitative Research

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The Centre for Qualitative Research (CQR) is based at Bournemouth University. This Research Centre is part of The Faculty of Health & Social Sciences. CQR has remained an internationally recognised resource for knowledge transfer activities and for the alignment of teaching and research. It has increasingly become an interdisciplinary resource beyond Health and Social Care.

By reinvigorating the Centre and its principles, we offer a potential springboard for cross-faculty development with  Media, Business, and Science and Technology Faculties and with the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL). Through these collaborations and activities, we take our knowledge transfer activities and development of innovative qualitative research methods further, clearly beyond the health and social care arena.

Our aims

  1. To contribute new theoretical and value-based perspectives that are relevant to a qualitative understanding of the human condition
  2. The promotion and development of innovative qualitative research approaches to inform practice
  3. To move towards renewed collaborations with national and international partners in joint research, exhibition and dissemination programmes
  4. A scholarly culture and opportunities that encourage and assist BU faculty and students in the publication and dissemination of methodological and applied contributions across the broad platform of qualitative methodology.

By establishing a Centre in Qualitative Research we formally acknowledge a history of achievements and expertise which serves as a focus for emerging developments in:

CQR research projects

We pride ourselves on research that makes a real difference to the world around us. We believe that research, education and professional practice belong together with each shaping and informing the other. Discover how a selection of CQR research projects, led by BU staff, students and external collaborators, are making a positive impact on society.

Past events

CQR news

Support of university and faculty strategies

The research work and ideas of the centre support pedagogic innovations and developments at undergraduate and postgraduate levels; the centre includes staff who work across disciplinary boundaries, stimulating interdisciplinary research, and offering inspirational approaches to practice development, all of which contribute to fusion.

With a focus on the human condition, we are supportive of creative approaches, using the arts to help the personal as well as academic development of students and staff; we see these as key to high-quality professional practice, supporting an excellent student experience, and high staff morale.

Researchers, lecturers and postdoctoral staff are aligned to the Centre. The work of the Centre underpins the Professional doctorate and, traditionally, has attracted many successful PhD candidates. Members have local, national, and international partnerships with social sciences, health, and social care organisations that are committed to wider social wellbeing activity.

Members of the Centre lead qualitative research, education (at both undergraduate and postgraduate level), and practice initiatives. There is a great deal of cross-fertilisation of their work between disciplines. The Centre’s passion is about how knowledge is created and disseminated in the real world and so fusion is often at the heart of the work of the Centre.

The Centre for Qualitative Research offers expertise for both faculty and students whose interests are piqued by a qualitative understanding of the human condition.

Purpose and value-base

  1. To pursue knowledge that emphasises peoples’ everyday experiences, and involving people more centrally in the production and dissemination of qualitative research practice as meaningful partner participants;
  2. To pursue and develop novel and innovative research methodologies in order to enhance the value of qualitative research;
  3. To champion Performative Social Science by demonstrating innovative approaches by which the arts and humanities can inform research and dissemination of social science knowledge.

What we offer

International profile

CQR members are championed internationally, particularly in Performative Social Science and the Humanisation of Health and Social Care, publishing in international journals and books and keynoting at international conferences.  The Centre is internationally recognised for its knowledge transfer activities including international conferences and masterclasses, which bring world-leading academic experts in the field from the USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe to the campus of Bournemouth University.

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