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Department of Social Sciences & Social Work

Our experienced and professional social work team helps to prepare the region’s social workers, ensuring they have the sensitivity and effectiveness to support vulnerable people in a variety of challenging situations. In addition, we offer broader social sciences where we explore the role of society and the relationships within different cultures, contributing to the development of questioning graduates very aware of the impact of society on the individual. Our National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work specialises in providing high-quality education, continuing professional development and training for professionals, working in partnership with 60% of local authorities in England.  

Research in social sciences/social work covers diverse areas important to understanding factions of society and the support they require. Examples include: vulnerable and marginalised groups, protection and safeguarding, cultural and social diversity, gender studies, emotions, regeneration of post war societies and learning to be a social worker/aspirations of students in higher education.

Our research activities

social work elderly care


Learn about the work and research that the National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work (NCPQSW) carries out.
BU CLiMB Centre for Leadership, Impact and Management in Bournemouth


Explore the Centre for Leadership, Impact and Management in Bournemouth (CLiMB) and find out how we can support your organisation's leaders to deliver the best possible care.
Centre for  Seldom Heard Voice

Centre for Seldom Heard Voice

Read about how The Centre for Seldom Heard Voices engages with marginalised communities and often excluded or silenced voices, particularly through user-led social work and participatory, co-created approaches.

Our courses

Mental Health Nursing BSc

Postgraduate courses

Learn about our postgraduate and post-registration courses and find out how you could progress your career.