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Organisational Analysis in Critical Management Issues

Organisational Analysis in Critical Management Issues

The ‘Organisational Analysis in Critical Management Issues’ Research Cluster aims to understand and respond to emerging societal and organisational trends and challenges, such as technological advancements, international competition, demographic shifts, and not least, the rise of neo-liberalism with its stark ecological, political, managerial and financial consequences. It achieves this by taking a contextual, interdisciplinary and critical focus.

The cluster brings together research active academics from diverse disciplines and methodological approaches around organisational behaviour, human resource management and critical management studies. Researchers are involved in understanding the impact such changes are having on employee identity, voice, well-being, work-life balance, training and skill development, organisational learning, CSR and pro-social behaviour, within small and large public and private sector organisations.

The cluster is involved in research looking into the higher education and healthcare sector contexts. Ultimately, much of our research is interested in making a positive difference to the meaning of work for organisations, individuals and the actors within and around them.

In order to gain fresh and de-familiarising insights into trends and challenges and offer innovative solutions, we embrace wider disciplines, such as statistics and HR analytics, human geography, French and Chinese philosophy, environmental and evolutionary psychology, gender studies, space and aesthetics.

By its very nature, around critically exploring emerging societal issues, this research group is also interested in the wider impact of its research for organisations, practitioners and policymakers. Our research underpins our teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes particularly the BA (Hons) Business Studies, the MSc Management, the MSc Professional Development (part-time CIPD accredited course) and the MBA. Last but not least, our research underpins our ethic of collegiality and it is in this spirit, that we invite you to join us in our research journey.

Recent PhD completions

  • Joy Tauetsile, Joy successfully finished her PhD about “Employee Engagement: Extension of the Job Demands Resource (JD-R) Model with the Ubuntu Construct.” She has returned to her job as Lecturer in HR & OB at the University of Botswana, Botswana.
  • Joyce Costello, Joyce successfully finished her PhD about “Public Service Motivation and Volunteering” in 2016 and has been appointed as a lecturer in Digital Marketing Communications, in the Faculty of Media at Bournemouth University.
  • Yumei Yang, has past her final viva about “Out of Control: Organisational Defensive Routines” and has been appointed as lecturer in HR and Organisational Behaviour at Bournemouth University.