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Hear from our Master's graduates

Our Master’s graduates have successful careers in the tourism and hospitality sectors, which are enhanced by the knowledge and experience they gain by studying with us.

Peter Gyor“The MSc Tourism Management & Marketing course was perfectly balanced around my needs. Having worked in the industry for many years I felt that I should learn more about the managerial structures and financial objectives in general. The course in fact gave me more, especially through its critical thinking approach which has changed my views and my way of thinking, acting and working. It was an amazing journey and despite my years of experience in the industry I still learned many new things."Peter Gyor, House Manager at Barton on Sea Golf Club, MSc Tourism Management & Marketing (part-time) graduate 2015

Chomploy Yavirach“The Tourism Management & Marketing course gave me an understanding of how marketing works together with the hospitality industry. My course particularly focused on social media and digital marketing strategies, which have played an important role in running the hotel I work at. The knowledge I gained from the course definitely helped me develop a better understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing in the hotel sector.”Chomploy Yavirach, PR and Marketing Manager at Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel, MSc Tourism Management & Marketing graduate 2015

Christy Hehir“My MSc sparked my passion for research. Now at VisitBritain I lead on all stages of the research process - to champion, develop and deliver a return on the investment process for VisitBritain’s commercial partnerships, online marketing and travel trade work globally across 23 offices in 21 core and emerging markets.”Christy Hehir, Research and Evaluation Specialist at VisitBritain, MSc Tourism Management & Planning graduate 2009

Ananya Jirasinthipok“It was worth studying at BU for the department’s outstanding reputation, amazing facilities and cutting-edge research in the tourism sector. I also enjoyed the fieldtrips that allowed me to pursue knowledge and experience outside of the classroom.” Ananya Jirasinthipok, Lecturer in the Tourism Department at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand, MSc Tourism Management graduate 2014

Karnchana Phakpho“Without my Master’s degree from BU I would not have been able to get my current job at the university. My MSc Tourism Management & Marketing helped me develop both academic and professional skills. I learned a lot from my lecturers who are experts, researchers and textbook authors and all the units I took with them provided me with the skills and knowledge I need to do my job.”Karnchana Phakpho, Lecturer in International Management at the International College at Bangkok University, MSc Tourism Management & Marketing graduate 2014

Katerina Volchek“The course was exciting and comprehensive. It’s great for anyone with a background in management, marketing or tourism who wants to extend and deepen their knowledge. I was very excited because of the course programme itself and because we had lots of brilliant and experienced specialists among our lecturers who were ready to share their ideas. It exceeded my expectations.” Katerina Volchek, Lecturer of ICTs for Tourism at the Institute of Tourism at Belarusian State University of Physical Culture, MSc Tourism Management & Marketing graduate 2015

Manos Mamalakis“My degree gave me a really solid overview of the online marketing sector in the tourism industry and I acquired in-depth knowledge of the industry’s finance operations, as well as marketing techniques used by big corporations. During my time at BU, I had the pleasure of meeting new and interesting people, brilliant classmates and good friends.”Manos Mamalakis, Account Operations Specialist at tripadvisor and MSc Tourism Management & Marketing graduate 2014

Edda Fiesinger“My course was very interesting and well suited to me, even though I didn’t have a Bachelors degree in Tourism. I particularly liked the fact there were a lot of different pathways to choose from, as well as courses I could choose individually.” Edda Fiesinger, Online Marketing Manager at ieQ Systems, MSc Tourism Management & Marketing graduate 2013