Since graduating from the MSc in Nutrition and Behaviour at BU, Alejandra has built her career in Colombia, where she has introduced a revolutionary concept known as psycho-nutrition.

Alejandra began as a university teacher at one of Colombia's most renowned universities, where she taught the first course to explore the connection between food, mood and behaviour to over 200 students.  

By integrating nutritional elements into psychological interventions, her patients achieved remarkable results within a month, overcoming the issues they had struggled with for years. Her approach to integrating behavioural change strategies into nutritional therapy gave her the foundations for helping 20 families who live in extreme poverty and suffer from HIV to implement sustainable changes to their lifestyle and diet on a low budget.

After years of hard work, Alejandra has recently presented the paperwork to establish psycho-nutrition as a recognised field within the Association of Psychologists in Colombia, which will open doors to people who want to get trained in the field and change the foundations of therapy.

Alejandra says: “My degree from BU played a key role in my quest to redefine psychological therapy. By merging these two disciplines, I aim to redefine the way we approach mental health, forging a path towards healing and wellbeing that harnesses the immense power of nutrition.”


Name: Alejandra Toro
Age: 28
Job role: Psychonutritionist
Organisation: Alejandra Toro Psiconutricion
Course studied: MSc Nutrition and Behaviour
Graduated: 2019

What their colleagues say

Alejandra's ability to demystify common misconceptions about nutrition, supported by statistics, empirical evidence and practical tools, enabled me to make informed choices and develop sustainable habits. Her dedication and impact are evident in the way she has influenced my life and the lives of others.

Isabel Tejada – PhD Educator and Researcher