Since graduating from BU, Shadee has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to become the Founder of Lunar Light Consultancy.

With over six years’ experience in social media, she has built a career as a brand and business strategist, influencer and talent manager, and sales/growth specialist.

Using her strengths to identify niches of talented individuals, she has built a reputation for creating strategic content plans, effectively representing the talent she works with and negotiating with brands.

Shadee says that her passion lies in creating powerful and positive influence through her work. Her positive client feedback demonstrates her dedication to understanding the needs of all stakeholders, which sets her apart and contributes to her clients' success.

Shadee says: “Through my entrepreneurial journey, I have effectively utilised the skills and knowledge acquired during my time at BU. My degree has provided me with a solid foundation in business strategy, marketing and communication, enabling me to navigate the dynamic world of social media with confidence and achieve exceptional results for my clients.”


Name: Shadee Bazrcar
Age: 28
Job role: Director - Brand Strategist
Organisation: Lunar Light Consultancy
Course studied: BA (Hons) Business Studies
Graduated: 2017

What their colleagues say

Shadee's support extended beyond social media management. She provided invaluable guidance in scaling my business, offering strategic advice on pricing, packaging my services, and optimising my coaching programs. With her assistance, I was able to create a streamlined and profitable online business model. Her strategic approach, combined with her genuine passion for helping influencers thrive, has transformed my career trajectory. Thanks to her guidance, I have been able to build a thriving six-figure online coaching business, empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals and live healthier lives.”              

Silvia Perez – Client