After graduating from BU in 2017 with a BA (Hons) in Business with Marketing, Glebs embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing Echoo Group.

This venture provides design, smart home and building management systems across the Baltic States and Europe. Echoo Group quickly became the largest provider of automated building systems in Latvia with a dedicated team of 65. By 2030, Glebs plans for the company to be Europe's largest provider of automated systems, including unified controls for room climate, lighting, energy consumption and building security.

Glebs explains that the financial savings he was able to make during his placement year at BU were crucial for Echoo's early phase, sustaining the business until its first client breakthrough. His dissertation on the Smart Home market also gave him the company’s early strategic direction.

Glebs says: “The business’ growth and success were possible because of the practical knowledge and experiences I acquired at BU. The initial branding and business plan were all influenced by the knowledge I gained on the course. My BU accounting lessons still guide my checks on our financial operations.”


Name: Glebs Kiselovs 
Age: 29
Job role: CEO/Founder
Organisation: Echoo Group
Course studied: BSc (Hons) Business Studies
Graduated: 2017

What their colleagues say

What Glebs has achieved in such a fiercely competitive market is truly commendable. His ability to create compelling documents and presentations, lead strategic planning, and conduct board meetings with assured command is nothing short of impressive.

"This impact goes beyond the professional realm; his success story has so inspired my daughter that she now aspires to join BU next year. This is a testament to the transformative power of a BU education and the indomitable spirit of its graduates."

Aleksandrs Cimbaluks – Founder, Mobius Group