Since graduating with a Master’s in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Mohammad has actively applied his knowledge as a Data Scientist at AeroCloud, where he has been at the forefront of driving innovation and solving complex challenges within the aviation industry.

The recent launch of AeroCloud Optic is a testament to Mohammad’s involvement in this ground-breaking work, which leverages computer vision and AI algorithms to track passenger movement, offering real-time monitoring, operational improvements, and predictive analytics. It has profoundly impacted the aviation industry by optimising passenger flow and resource allocation.

Mohammad has also specialised in passenger data analysis, developing predictive models to determine the number of passengers on a flight and helping airports to allocate resources in advance.

Mohammad says:“My degree has laid a strong foundation for my contributions, and I am applying this knowledge daily. My studies have equipped me with the tools and expertise to excel in my job, where I can push boundaries through the application of data science and AI.”


Name: Mohammad Tahsiin Auzim
Age: 27
Job role: Data Scientist
Organisation: AeroCloud Ltd
Course studied: Msc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Graduated: 2021

What their colleagues say

Mohammad is a highly valued member of AeroCloud’s expert data science team and plays a key part in the ongoing development of our leading-edge AI and ML product, AeroCloud Optic. Mohammad has been a key player in getting the product to where it is today and where it will be in the future. His future is bright.”

Kieron Shiel – VP of Engineering, AeroCloud Systems