After graduating from Bournemouth University in 2016, Priscilla set off on a global journey, diving into the exciting world of producing and presenting news and features for TV and radio. Thanks to her BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism degree, she landed a spot in the prestigious work experience program with the BBC.

Before she knew it, she was writing, presenting, and even creating her first documentary for the BBC. It was a major turning point in her career. For three years, Priscilla worked as a broadcast journalist in Nairobi, Kenya, where she travelled across Africa and shared captivating stories from every corner of the continent. Now, Priscilla freelances for the BBC's flagship African news show, where she holds the esteemed position of being the youngest Output Senior Journalist.

Beyond broadcasting, Priscilla recently completed a Master's degree in Organisational Psychology, adding coaching and freelance learning partner skills to her repertoire.

Priscilla says: “It has been a dream come true, to be able to bring important narratives to the fore. Life's been an incredible adventure, and I can't wait to see what's next on the horizon!”


Name: Priscilla Ng'ethe Koinage
Age: 29
Job role: Freelance Senior Broadcast Journalist; Communications Specialist and Organisational Psychologist
Organisation: BBC and Freelance
Course studied: BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism
Graduated: 2016

What their colleagues say

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Priscilla for around three years and during that time I have been constantly impressed by her work ethic, attention to detail and leadership skills. She has been an integral part of the relaunch of the BBC’s flagship African news show Focus on Africa, which for the first time is being broadcast from Kenya. During this relaunch period she consistently came up with fresh ideas and showed a talent for problem solving in a stressful time. I have no doubt that Priscilla will continue to hone her skills and make a success of whatever she turns her mind to."

Andre Lombard – Assistant Editor, BBC Africa