Since moving to Malta, Daniel has made it his personal mission to challenge the status quo and disrupt traditional markets.

Starting as a Quality Assurance tester, he climbed the ranks to become Head of Product at a global iGaming company, managing five brands.

Driven by his passion for AI and its business implications, he co-founded GenerateContent.AI, an information hub for AI business tools. The company works to assist their community in integrating these transformative technologies into their operations, facilitating efficiency and innovation. Daniel has also begun to move into property investments, to further diversify his business interests.

Daniel says: “My multifaceted journey embodies ambition, resilience and a commitment to continual learning and growth. I aspire to inspire others to similarly embrace change and innovation.”


Name: Daniel Bennett
Age: 28
Job role: Co-Founder
Organisation: GenerateContent.AI
Course studied: BA (Hons) Business & Management
Graduated: 2017

What their colleagues say

“I worked closely with Daniel and was consistently impressed by his ability to grasp complex issues and produce innovative solutions. His forward-thinking approach greatly contributed to our company's growth and success. Daniel possesses an admirable level of professionalism and maturity that makes him an asset in any  organisation. His leadership and problem-solving skills are commendable, and his capacity to inspire and guide his team toward excellence is exceptional.”

Ricardo Ferreira – CEO, Branders