Faye currently works as a Marketing Manager at the RNLI, putting into practice the elements of her BA (Hons) Communication & Media degree to specialise in events and direct mail campaigns. 

Faye had a chronic illness during her final year, and this experience has shaped her career and driven her to help make others feel included, particularly when living with a disability or long-term health condition.

Faye uses her events skills and experience to run internal EDI-focussed events for colleagues, among other initiatives. Faye reflects that going to a university that promoted an inclusive environment helped shape this particular passion.

Faye says: “The well-rounded nature of my degree, and all the different units I studied, such as PR and journalism, equipped me with different skill sets and helped teach me how to be an adaptable worker.”


Name: Faye Stammers
Age: 26
Job role: Marketing Managers
Organisation: RNLI
Course studied: BA (Hons) Communications & Media
Graduated: 2019

What their colleagues say

Faye is passionate about delivering unforgettable experiences for our supporters, whether that’s in-person events or direct mail that lands on people’s doorsteps. Faye exceeds in her job role, and has extremely strong relationships with all stakeholders, and promotes an inclusive culture. Above her day job, Faye delivers additional experiences internally to RNLI colleagues, such as running events for our various people networks members and has spoken bravely about her lived experience during her final year of university to 150+ staff."

Lauren Poole – Senior Marketing Manager, RNLI