In July 2020, Michael was employed by the International Development Football Academy (IDFA) as an Academy Engagement Worker, a role which required advanced knowledge of sports coaching and sports psychology.

In this role, he supported the planning and delivery of the Academy Methodology, as well as leading psychology and wellbeing clinics and workshops for the student athletes.

Michael has since moved into further education, becoming a fully qualified lecturer with East Surrey College (ESC). Whilst completing his training on the job, he educates and assesses students of varying levels on the sport programmes on offer at the college.

Michael says: “Having completed my degree at BU, I specialise in the delivery of the sports coaching and sports psychology units of the curriculum, as well as supporting the Enrichment Team, by overseeing the operations of the ESC Football Club and other extra-curricular activities.”


Name: Michael Thompsett
Age: 25
Job role: Graduate Trainee Lecturer (Higher Apprentice)
Organisation: East Surrey College
Course studied: BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology and Coaching Sciences
Graduated: 2020

What their colleagues say

There are few times in life that you discover a truly unique example of talent, but Michael is one I have recently found. Not only is he passionate, knowledgeable, and thoughtful in all of his tasks, he creates time for everyone and makes considerable efforts for his students and colleagues alike. He has a remarkable sense of humour that includes a range of terrible dad jokes, cheesy one-liners and genuine out of the box logical riddles that leave us all puzzled, intrigued and wanting more. I can only praise Michael for the dedication he applies to his own education, the friendly and welcoming approach towards the team of staff in which he works and his ambitious drive towards his development as a lecturer."

Lauren Pearson – Lecturer in Sports, Science and Healthcare Professions, East Surrey College