We believe that everyone should have access to self-defence teaching. Learning these skills is so important; it simply saves lives.

Instructors Denise and Lorne Castle have many years of experience under their 'belt' in a number of disciplines. 

Within these courses, we will cover, strikes, personal space, grabs, chokes, and more of the most common ways to defend yourself should you need to. We teach effective and easy moves that work.

Even if you learn just one technique, it could make all the difference to you in a sticky situation.

This course is open to all abilities and you do not need any equipment or past experience to attend.

£5 per session
Based on an annual course payment of £115 (23 weeks)
£7 per session
Based on an termly course payment of £63 (9 weeks)

Key information

Where: Studio 1, SportBU

Instructors: Denise and Lorne Castle 

What to wear: Suitable sporting attire 


Termly: £63 (9 weeks)
Annual: £115 (23 weeks)

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