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Social Sundays have a vibrant community where individuals and friends come together to socialise, play classic and new sports, and enjoy the benefits of being active. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner, our inclusive and friendly atmosphere welcomes all. With music to get you moving, the vibes will sort your Sundays

Rediscover your team spirit, improve your skills, and forge lasting connections by staying active together! Something new every week, and you get to vote on what you want to do from a range of options, don’t miss out! With a pay-to-play system, there is no commitment needed leaving you free to manage your week how you want. Sign up at SportBU reception located in SUBU on Talbot Campus or call us on 01202 965012.

Some of your choices….

Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Table tennis, Handball……. and more.

£2 per session!
Best value for money!
Block booking discount!
Book 10 sessions for £15

Key information

Time and venue

Dates: Starts Sunday 8 October

Days and times: Every Sunday 12-2pm

Where: Sports Hall, SportBU
Instructors: Student-led
What to wear: Suitable sporting attire 
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£2 per session, pay-and-play

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Or call reception on - 01202 965012