Project management is the fastest-growing profession in the UK and around the world. As a highly desirable skill for employability, project management is transferable to all types of organisations that you might undertake your placement at, and where our graduates aspire to work.

The Association for Project Management (APM) is the only chartered body for the project profession. By studying a course that is accredited, you will be entitled to free membership of APM, giving you access to the online community which hosts discussions and content (books, papers, videos, podcasts and blogs) dedicated to areas such as Sustainability and Global Security. In addition, you’ll receive an APM ‘goody bag’ at the start of your project management unit, contributing to developing your sense of identity.

As a member of APM, you’ll be entitled to discounted access to a nationwide programme of ‘good practice’ and networking events in the UK. Alongside this, you can also access an online library of profession material, which will be valuable to support your studies. 

You’ll benefit from having a competitive advantage when applying for graduate and placement roles due to this accreditation being highly recognised within the industry.

APM/BU Project Challenge

Some students get the opportunity to take part in the Project Challenge. The teams go head to head with other universities and apprentices to present their project idea to a panel of APM judges. The team are required to deliver a 10-minute presentation on their project proposal in front of other groups and judges. This presentation has to cover what they are creating, why they are creating it and how they are going to create it, plus management activities such as scheduling the project, budgeting and allocating tasks.

This challenge is a great opportunity for students to put theory into practice and test the knowledge and skills that they have developed and learned while on the course. 

Hear from our academics and students who have previously been involved in the Project Challenge