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Conference themes and call for papers

People to people connectivity is an essential aspect of tourism; bringing people from all aspects of life together to meet, share moments and explore cultures, resources and experiences. Connectivity brings us together through shared routes, accessibility, communication, and experiences in different environments and destinations. Increasingly, global society is becoming more connected, facilitating opportunities for exchange and interaction, bringing both opportunities and challenges.

Tourism is changing dramatically in the era of connectivity. Advanced technology enables users to amalgamate information and big data from various sources on their mobile devices, personalise their profile through applications and social networks, as well as interact dynamically with their surroundings and context. Tourism professionals increasingly use technologies and networking to bring different stakeholders together to co-create value for all. The conference will connect the different concepts of connectivity, personalisation, tourism development and marketing towards co-creation of the tourism experience. It will explore how these experiences can support the co-creation of value for all stakeholders and address a range of components of connectivity.

Please visit the paper submission site if you wish to submit a paper for the conference.

Examples of the conference themes include but not limited to:


Track Chairs

Coastal Tourism

Anya Chapman and Samantha Richardson

Tourism Marketing

Nigel Williams and Bruce Braham

Economics and Planning

Adam Blake and Adele Ladkin

Culture and Heritage

Duncan Light and Sean Bear

Hospitality Innovations

Lia Marinakou and Charalampos (Babis) Giousmpasoglou

Digital tourism

Philip Alford, Daisy Fan and Luiz Mendes Filho

Sustainability and Wildlife

Susanna Curtin and Viachaslau Filimonau

Gender Accessibility and Inclusion

Lorraine Brown, Paola Vizcaino, Jayne Caudwell

Tourism Management

Svetla Stoyanova-Bozhkova and Dimitrios Buhalis

Tourism and Philosophy

Philipp Wassler and Tim Gale

Special Interest and Niche Tourism

Michael O’Regan and Philipp Wassler

Spiritual, Religious and Pilgrimage Tourism

Jaeyeon Choe and Hanaa Osman

Events and Leisure

Mary Beth Gouthro and Miguel Moital

Experience and co-creation

Elvira Bolat and Dimitrios Buhalis

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Mike Peters and Philip Alford

Contributions by academics, practitioners and phd students are welcome in the following categories:



Research papers and Case studies

Papers 5000 words or 1000 word extended abstract

Doctoral Research papers

Papers 5000 words or 1000 word extended abstract

Applied (industry and sector) papers

1000 words extended abstract

Student papers (including master theses)

1000 words extended abstract