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Queer Youth and Media Cultures

Five Years On and New Activism – a free symposium

F202, Fusion Building, Bournemouth University, UK, Monday 8 July, 2019

Download the event programme (pdf 252kb)

Queer Youth and Media Cultures cover

It’s been five years since the edited collection Queer Youth and Media Cultures was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014. Editor Christopher Pullen and The Inclusivity Team of Bournemouth University, Faculty of Media and Communication invite you a free symposium event which celebrates the continuing and developing academic study of LGBTQ youth in the media, in a time when there is much-needed work in this area. 

In the UK, recent political responses to the ‘No Outsiders’ programme reveals how the representation of LGBTQ identity in school is complex and sensitive. Also, we are living in an age where our role models are often young queer citizens. Undocumented queer youth are trailblazers in the United States. Transgender activists such as Jazz Jennings in the reality series I am Jazz, and many others online are making an impact. Queer youth are leading causes for equality, respect and transformation.

We invite you to take part in our symposium as a presenter, workshop panel member or simply an attendee (see details below). We will reflect on the advent of Queer Youth and Media Cultures, besides defining new areas of study and the advent of a new proposed edited collection on queer youth activism in the media, which we will invite formal proposals for, after the symposium.

We are inviting academics passionate about the subject area to take part in the event. We look forward to meeting you to make connections and develop research alliances. 

Confirmed keynote speakers, and original contributors to Queer Youth and Media Cultures

  • Stephanie Selvick of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, USA, will talk about her new research on Queer Pop Culture
  • Rohit Dasgupta of Loughborough University London, will talk about queer identity in India
  • Matt O’Neill of Belfast will talk about Transgender Youth Online
  • Ieuan Franklin of Bournemouth University will talk about Queer Community Video
  • Christopher Pullen of Bournemouth University will talk about school and the No Outsider Project.

Please contact Christopher Pullen at Bournemouth University if you have any questions. The full programme plus register links are above.