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Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science

Department of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science

We have a team of experts within this department committed to educating the next generation of archaeologists, anthropologists and forensic scientists, as well as to furthering the understanding of and knowledge within their chosen fields through varied research projects.

A creative and innovative research culture is at the heart of what we do, addressing some of the biggest forensic and archaeological questions of the day and examining humanitarian tragedies and natural disasters of every scale. Within our department, we have experts in understanding and managing our archaeological heritage, forensic science and crime and disaster events.

Research defines our status and our impact on both national and international decision-makers and policy. As researchers, we collaborate with a wide range of organisations around the world, including Dorset Police and Police Scotland, the Russian Academy of Sciences, International Commission for Missing Persons, European Commission, German Archaeological Institute, Department for Transport, National Trust, English Heritage and The Environment Agency.

As a student, you have excellent opportunities to develop your fieldwork skills on real and simulated forensic and archaeological sites, as well as visiting some of the South West's most prestigious historical sites, such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Corfe Castle. Our forensic science students have access to the Crime Scene Training Facility and external facilities such as Streetwise where you can participate in large-scale simulated crime scenes and disaster scenarios, while archaeological students can participate in our annual 25-day Archaeological Field Schoool, the PLACE project.

Upcoming events


Third Annual Pitt Rivers Lecture

The third in our annual series of public lecturers celebrating the achievements of General Pitt Rivers (1827-1900), a distinguished Dorset-based archaeologist and anthropologist whose descendants still live in the area and have close connections with Bournemouth University.

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Professor Kate Welham

Our staff

Meet our staff and find out more about their specialisms.
Forensics laboratory

Undergraduate courses

See what undergraduate courses we offer within the Department of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science.

Anthropology lab

Postgraduate courses

Discover what postgraduate courses we offer within the department and find out how you can enhance your knowledge.

Research Institutes and Centres

Big Dig site with crowd of fieldworkers

Archaeology and Anthropology

We are concerned with all aspects of the Historic Environment as evidence of past human activity and its associated consequences that people can find, see, hear, understand, feel, debate, and contest in the present world.
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Forensic Science Research Group

Learn more about the research our Forensic Science Research Group is conducting and how it's supporting policy development and implementation.

Our facilities

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Anthropology lab

We hold one of the largest human remains collections among UK universities - find out more about how it’s used during our courses.

Forensics laboratory

Forensics lab

Learn about the latest equipment we have in our forensics lab and find out how it can prepare you for work.

Crime scene training facility

Crime scene training facility

Find out more about our crime scene training facility, where you can gain practical experience of forensic fieldwork.

Other projects

BU Archaeology Services

We are a commercial consultancy providing advice about archaeological and heritage issues - learn more about our services and how we could help you.
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