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Improving education

Computing in Education Research Group (CERG)

Our aim is to contribute to and advance research and practice in computing teaching, and investigate how computer technology is used in education. We explore ways of improving computing education by investigating innovative software-facilitated learning, modern technology, and teaching practice and methods that enhance student engagement and student outcomes. We also investigate the learning and teaching of computing and informatics to develop solutions to the challenges it introduces. Within this aim our research is centred on the following areas:

  • Pedagogy and andragogy
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Multimedia usage within education
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Modern technology and education
  • Student engagement and student outcomes.

With huge technological advances in recent years, especially in the area of computing, there are ever increasing opportunities to enhance education using technology. However, with all this choice comes confusion: which of the many options is best, how does one apply this to education, how can teaching our subject (computing) be enhanced using technology? We aim to answer questions like this by researching best practice and teaching methods, use of the latest technology, evaluating competing products and options, reviewing teachers’ needs and recommending solutions, and so forth. Our primary aim is to investigate improvements to education in computing but we do however look for cross-disciplinary opportunities to establish areas where we can work together to enhance education in general to benefit other disciplines.