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Department of Design & Engineering

Department of Design & Engineering Staff

Head of Department

  • Dr Philip Sewell - Design simulation and modelling, mechanics of materials, artificial intelligence and medical engineering.

Academic staff

  • Dr Amor Abdelkader - Material science, metallurgy, nanomaterials, self-healing materials, advanced materials.
  • Professor Alan Breen - Musculoskeletal research.
  • Dr Kyungjoo Cha - Lecturer in Product Design. Human-centred design.
  • Professor Venky Dubey - Mechanism and robotics, biomedical engineering, tactile sensing, medical instrumentation, virtual reality and design of medical devices.
  • Dr Mihai Dupac - Design simulation and modelling, nonlinear dynamics, mechanisms and mechanical vibrations, and biomechanics.
  • Dr Bryce Dyer - The philosophy, design or performance analysis of technology used in elite sport.
  • Dr Bob Eves - Creative design methods, design semiotics, aesthetics, and colour for design.
  • David Foot - Lecturer
  • Dr Nigel Garland - Sustainable technology
  • Dr Moamer Gashoot - Lecturer in Design Engineering.
  • Professor Mark Hadfield - Tribology and sustainable design
  • Dr Roya Haratian - Human-robot Interaction
  • Dr Yi Huang - Advanced manufacturing and material characterisation.
  • Dr Tania Humphries-Smith - Design Education, including aspects of curriculum design and assessment, and feedback.
  • Dr Clive Hunt - Education, particularly how student groups engage with learning and how strategy is implemented in historically dependent settings.
  • Dr Yong Hun Lim - Lecturer in Product Design. Specialising in design for inclusion and human-centred innovation.
  • Dr Doris Jung - Lecturer in Product Design
  • Dr Zulfiqar Khan - Tribology, surface engineering, structural integrity, renewable technology and nano-coatings.
  • Dr Mehran Koohgilani - Composite materials and neural networks
  • Dr Diogo Montalvao - Senior Lecturer in Engineering
  • Professor Siamak Noroozi - Biomedical engineering
  • Dr Adil Saeed - Material characterisation, engineering design, engineering analysis, sustainable development
  • Dr Sarah Palmer-Smith - Education, business and cultural issues. Expertise in aesthetics, CAD and visualisation.
  • John Powell - Lecturer 
  • Tim Reynolds - Design and emotion.
  • Theo Roe - Design that has ‘Brio’ (design that is alive with some aspect of truth, verity or art). All design has a physiognomy, an outward face. If inwardly design is insincere, its outward face bears witness to that.
  • Dr Adil Saeed - Lecturer in Engineering
  • Professor Kamran Tabeshfar - Emeritus Professor
  • Dr Ben Thomas - Sustainable design and engineering, including sustainable materials, tribology, and marine structures.
  • Russell Wade - Computer aided Design (CAD), 3D printing technologies and information technology


  • Paul Domoney - Mechanical Engineering
  • Nicholas Farwell - Engineering Design
  • Richard Glithro - Design Engineering
  • Gary Underwood - Prototyping, use of 3D printing in education
  • Adam Wright - Demonstrator


  • Abigail Bately - Technician in D&E Innovation Centre
  • Gemma Bullock - Technician in D&E Innovation Centre
  • Michael Day - Workshop Support Technician in D&E Innovation Centre
  • Robert Gardiner - D&E Innovation Centre Manager
  • Michael Hacon - Technician in D&E Innovation Centre
  • Will Lambert - Technician in D&E Innovation Centre
  • Paul Smart - Technician in Model Shop Innovation Centre
  • Peter Vivian - Mechanical Engineering Technician in D&E Innovation Centre
  • Keith Watson - Technician in D&E Innovation Centre